We study the interactive neurocognitive systems underlying Selective Attention and Motivated Cognition.

We have laboratories dedicated to behavioral, TMS and eye-movement studies on human subjects, as well as neurophysiology labs for single and multi-unit recordings from behaving non human primates.

We are based at the Department of Neurosciences, Biomedicine and Movement Sciences - Section of Physiology and Psychology, at the University of Verona, Italy.

Leonardo Chelazzi

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Principal Investigator
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Phone +39-0458027149
Email leonardo.chelazzi [AT] univr.it

Curriculum vitae

July 1984 Medical degree
School of Medicine and Surgery, University of Florence, Italy.

July 1989 Ph.D. in Neurological Sciences
Department of Human Anatomy and Physiology, Section of Neurophysiology, University of Turin, Italy.

1990-1994 Postdoctoral training
Laboratory of Neuropsychology, National Institutes of Healthes, Bethesda MD, U.S.A.

Research interests
  • Cognitive mechanisms of visual selective attention
  • Functional interplay between covert spatial attention and oculomotor control
  • Cellular mechanisms underlying visual selective attention in the macaque monkey brain
  • Cellular mechanisms underlying visual search in the macaque monkey brain
  • Functional interplay between stimulus salience and top-down attentional control
  • Feature- and dimension-specific attentional processing
  • Role of the posterior parietal cortex in the control of spatial and non-spatial attention
  • Functional interplay between associative knowledge and visual selective attention
  • Functional interplay between visual selective attention and motivational factors
  • Behavioral manifestations of joint attention
  • Attentional disturbances in the autistic syndrome
  • Attentional disturbances in dyslexia
  • Role of the cerebellum in cognitive functions
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Italian Physiological Society
Italian Psychological Society
Italian Society for Neuroscience
Italian Society for Neuropsychology
European Brain and Behaviour Society
European Society for Cognitive Psychology
International Brain Research Organization (IBRO)
Society for Neuroscience
Psychonomic Society
Vision Science Society

External referee for the following scientific journals

Brain Research Bulletin
Cerebral Cortex
European Journal of Neuroscience
Experimental Brain Research
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performace
Journal of Neurophysiology
Journal of Neuroscience
Perception & Psychophysics
PLoS One
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Psychological Research
Psychological Reviews
Psychological Science
Psychonomic Bulletin & Review
Quarterly Journal of experimental Psychology
Trends in Neurosciences
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